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Youthreach: Life-Skills Programming (Ages 8-17)


All young people experience various degrees of difficulty during the stages of maturity. However, challenges which, if left unresolved, may affect their potential for future success. Youthreach offers positive and helpful information about important issues young people deal with daily. Our programs are information based and developed to reflect our local area needs and available supports to youth.


Individuals who complete a Youthreach program will be better able to respond to the changes and challenges that may be taking place within their lives. There is no fee for this service, group sessions are aimed to run monthly. Additionally, one to one support can be provided to youth that are not comfortable within a group setting or in more immediate need for support.

Programming Topics Include:

  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Online Safety and Virtual Relationships
  • Healthy Friendships and Communication
  • Dealing with Powerful Emotions and Resilience
  • Goal Setting
  • SELF – Female & Non-Binary Youth
  • Substance Use Awareness
  • Finance and Employment

During our programming sessions we allow clients to ask any questions they may have while providing coping strategies and opening a dialogue relevant to the topics.

If a client requests or is interested in further supports or services Youthreach will provide information to the client and their guardians if necessary


Youthreach: Community Life-Skills Programming is an open referral program for any youth between the ages of 8-17. If you are a youth, parent, guardian or professional looking to connect to Youthreach please click the link to submit your referral!

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Youthreach Referral

Youthreach: School Presentations (Grades 3-12)

At Youthreach we provide group presentations to schools on any of the topics available within our Life-skills Programming (see list above). Our presentations are interactive and provide students the ability to provide input, feedback and ask questions anonymously throughout our presentation. We are able to provide presentations to any school within Hastings and Prince Edward County.

Our facilitation is broken into 2 separate presentations each being roughly 1.5 hours in length. Our goal during presentations is to provide engaging content, learn strategies, empower change and have fun!


If you are wanting to connect with Youthreach to see if we are able to facilitate a program for your school, please connect with us either by phone or email.

Youthreach: Community Support (Ages 8-17)


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